After WordPress bugging me constantly to write something about me in my about page, I finally surrendered:

My name is Markus Leptien, living in Hamburg, Germany. I started my career at AOL Germany in the late 90ies, where I started being responsible for Access Connectivity, getting involved into a lot of stuff around ATM, PPP, PPPoE, L2TP, IP, TCP/UDP (the lower layers) etc.

Around 2004 I was heavily involved into a web performance initiative within AOL, being for the first time exposed to the upper layers. 🙂

Then I was sold to Hansenet Telekommunikation GmbH, a Telco, where I was responsible for… well… “optimizing” the VoIP product. This involved the full stack, from the lowest layers of ATM and PPPoE up to the top Layers like SIP/SDP and RTP.

During the final days of Hansenet Telekommunikation GmbH I was then going back to “the web”, being responsible for the Portal Alice.

Again I was sold, this time to Telefonica, another telco, which sails in Germany under the Brand of O2. So currently I am responsible for both Portals, Alice and O2. Due to this I am able to focus again on one of my pet topics, Web Performance. Making things faster. Not by throwing money at it (Servers, RAM, CPU etc.), but by smart engineering.

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